Coeliac Man- My Story

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Coeliac Man: Origins

Coeliac Man’s Peter Parker style alter ego is a bloke called David. In many ways I’m just your normal, regular, every day, normal, run of the mill, average, normal bloke. I work in marketing. I like football. I want to Hulk-smash the living bejesus out of my phone every morning when the alarm goes off.

So far, so normal, right? But roughly 27 and a bit years ago a potentially catastrophic fate befell our hero. That’s right, Coeliac Man was diagnosed with coeliac disease (hence the name).

Although that doesn’t really do justice to what actually happened so let’s rewind..

When I was just a wee small baby there was a slight problem in that I was vomiting my guts out every day and my stomach had ballooned out to the size of a bowling ball. The sort of stomach where if my parents had filmed me and stuck me on a tv advert people would’ve been texting in to donate £5 a month.

The doctors had no clue what was wrong with me and advised that I should be fed plain foods like breadsticks. Now breadsticks, as I’m sure many of you will have figured out, are loaded up with my own personal kryptonite: gluten.

So the vomiting continued until I was referred to see a specialist who had the foresight to insert a small camera into my stomach to figure out what was kicking off in there.

It was only then that I was diagnosed as being coeliac and told that I needed to follow a strict gluten free diet.

Since diagnosis Coeliac Man grew awesome superpowers such as the ability to eat food without throwing it straight back up and generally developing into the normal (well, sort of) delight of a human being that I am today.

I’ve been living with coeliac disease for over a quarter of a century now so have lots of experience of people asking me what the hell gluten is and assuming that I can’t drink beer due to some sort of hilarious bad experience on a night out.

I’ve also seen the drastic improvements in awareness and product availability. From the days when buying gluten free bread in the supermarket was just a fantasy, to whole aisles full of free from products. It’s been quite a journey.

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