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Hi I’m Matt
I got diagnosed with ceoliac disease in 2007, in 2007  the GF choice was diabolical!

It took my mum 2.5/3 hours to do the weekly shop as she was checking all the labels etc.

It was a tough few years to begin with as I was only young (12 years old) my friends and their parents (including my parents) didn’t fully understand what ceoliac was so I ate gluten several times without realising.

I have noticed since around 2011 onwards the supermarkets have got a lot better at stocking GF food. I also like shopping at Aldi as 95% off there meats like sausages are GF and they are all really nice!

Restaurant have also got a lot better over the last 5 years! To begin with it was just chips chips chips, Thankfully there a lot better! Most restaurants cater for Ceoliacs, I love eating out and trying new food, I would tell you my favourite but I have to many!

I have noticed independent cafe cater for ceoliac very well aswell, when I was on holiday 8/10 cafes we went catered for me which was fantastic!

Thanks for reading

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