Olga Lilian Caddock- My Story

I struggled through the years with alternating diarrhoea / indigestion / constipation - but especially diarrhoea after having gravy and severe indigestion after eating pastry.

In 1973 at the age of 22, my maternal cousin was diagnosed as Coeliac - so unheard of in those days, that it wasn't immediately picked up on by the hospital. She was down to 5 stone in weight, before a breakthrough diagnosis was arrived at.


Fast forward to me having Total Knee Replacement operation at the age of 65 in Oct 2016. About 3mths later, I was diagnosed as severely Anaemic which puzzled my GP, as I eat a healthy diet that includes liver and lots of green veggies. She was so concerned that she arranged more blood tests and called me into the surgery for the results. Her words were 'I don't want to frighten you but ......... it looks as though you could be Coeliac!' ................ at that point I just burst out laughing. She thought I was going into shock/hysteria, but I just thought it was hilarious - I'm 5ft10ins tall and weighed around 19stones - very 'UNcoeliac' in appearance!

I was sent to the local hospital for an Endoscopy/Colonoscopy on my 66th Birthday - with the Consultant singing 'Happy Birthday to You' as he inserted the Colonoscopy tube :o! After he'd gone over the pictures and sorted the biopsy out, I asked him if he could tell me any results - his comment was 'Well, you won't be having any Birthday Cake this evening!' He was wrong - I DID, as I knew it might be my last chance to enjoy a decent slice of cake for quite a long time ;).


I went home to telephone my cousin and my words were 'Guess what - you are no longer 'the only Coeliac in the family - and I'll be picking your brains for information from now on!'


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