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Celery Juice Day 2

Happy New Year!!!

So it's the start of a new year and the start of all the new diets and nutritional changes.

Most of you all know that I am currently in a huge Colitis flare up since November, I am now 60% better but still have a journey ahead of me.

I was told to take painkillers and increase my Mesalzine to the highest dose. After 2 weeks this did nothing, I spent another 2 weeks feeling like I was dying at home. I had not been able to eat in 4 weeks or keep anything in.

I went to the hospital and was given pain relief and a drip to replenish fluids. It then got so bad that for the first time in my life I had to call 999, after getting more pain relief and medication I actually started to feel better.

My IBD nurse wanted me to try a few other things before the dreaded steroids.

By the time I was given the prescription for steroids my body had already naturally started to feel a bit better. Had I been given them at the peak of flare up I would have taken then without battering an eyelid.

So now I am stuck at the 60% getting better mark for the past week. Oh I must add that after an entire 7 weeks I can actually eat food and keep it in :-)

A family friend who is going through their own personal journey recommend this to me.

I did a little light reading as I am not really into all this stuff.

APPARENTLY it helps reduce inflammation and a heap of other stuff. Whilst it cannot cause any harm and I'm in this state I thought why not?

Taste: it's ok, not horrific I just down it.

When: Must be in the morning on an empty tummy

How do I feel: like I did 3 days ago before I started.

I will keep you all updated, anyone else had a go at this?

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