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Coeliac disease is turning me vegetarian

Hey everyone, hope you're all good on this freezing Wednesday morning.

Has anyone noticed that they are eating less meat once going GF?

I used to love eating steak, spag bol, lasagne, sausages, bacon, beef burgers and mixed grills. After I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease there were loads of food changes and adjustments, what I never noticed was that a lot of my foods that I was selecting were vegetarian.

First I thought maybe it's because of taste or I can't find equivalent but this is not it, I make everything fresh. The very thought of eating sausages and lamb make me feel nauseous, it's now got to the stage that I just can't stomach it. It makes me feel sick.

I wonder if I'm just going off meat or GF meat dishes are just not as good and I dislike it.

Every now and then, every 6 months or so I will have a beef burger but that's as far as it goes and it has to have loads of sauce. I actually opt for plant based versions of meat now. I was craving hot dogs the other day and they had vegan GF sausages which I was really happy to eat.

Is this just happening to me?

I can happily eat chicken though, so strange, sometimes the smell of chicken makes me feel nauseous too.

The only correlation I can find is my Coeliac diagnoses and perhaps a change in my taste buds.

I would love to know what you all think and if anyone is in the same boat.

Take care,



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