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Coronavirus & Autoimmune Disease vs Holiday

Hi all,

Hope you are well on this Wednesday morning amongst all this crazy coronavirus stuff.

Firstly bog roll, what is going on?!! literally I went to get some household essentials like bog roll, polish, Domestos, Kleenex etc but I cannot get my hands on any bog roll.

So as you all know it's been a hard 2019 for me and my family with the loss of my mother in law. During her loss I had the biggest Ulceractive Colitis flare up, it took 4 months to come out from. Ulcreactive Colitis like Coeliac disease is an auto immune disease, it causes severe tummy cramps, toilet up to 15 times a day with blood and mucus. It doesn't let you eat nor does it let you sleep, the pain is unbearable. I visited the hospital numerous times as the pain was just too much to handle, I was honestly given a Pharmacy worth of medication to take home to help. So I finally managed to get back into remission end of Jan and fully better in Feb. My husband and me decided we needed a break so we booked Morocco, we have been before and booked the same resort.

We are due to fly in the next couple of days with our 3 year old. Now with all this Coronavirus facts and media scaremongering I am unsure what to do. The destination has less than a handful of cases but the issue is the airport and the flight.

Anyway my biggest fear is having a flare up when abroad with coronavirus, under normal conditions it wouldn't be difficult coming back into the UK however with this Coronavirus I don't know how it would be.

I am thinking it may be better to postpone but on the other side nothing may happen.

I would love to know your thoughts. Have you travelled with conditions that could easily flare up where you need steroids and specialist medical help? Have you decided not to go and why?

To Holiday or not?

Thanks all,


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