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Hi All,

Guess what?! It's going to start getting warm this week, 18 degrees this Thursday.

MFFK is doing a weekly Fakeaway so we can all enjoy having a home cooked healthy alternative. Last week we had a taste of the oriental, Chicken Chow Mein which was just divine. I have struggled to find really nice noodles and tried literally every product until I came across Clearspring Brown Rice noodles which are great. They don't break or have an overcooked feeling to them, they even taste really nice. 7

This week we have decided to do a taste of Italy, a lovely homemade classic pizza. You can never go wrong on a Friday with a Fakeaway pizza, it doesn't take long or leave an awful lot of washing up. For the base I used Doves Farm Pizza Base Mix, I used to buy my pizza bases which I will happily say will NOT happen again. The base is fantastic, it hold together without breaking and crumbling and it tastes like normal pizza. I would suggest that this needs to be stocked up in your kitchen at ALL times.

Enjoy your taste of Italy this week


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