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Falling off the GF wagon

Oh dear me, I'm falling off the GF wagon!!!!

Hi all,

normally I am super careful and watch every single thing I consume. I don't really eat out unless it is Coeliac accredited, I only eat FAKEAWAYS, all the products I use are GF.

Over the Easter period I don't know what happened, I've been eating items that state 'Made in a factory with Gluten' and even contemplated eating 'may contain gluten'. What is going on?!!!

I had to lean onto a Facebook support group, coeliacs for beginners to get some support and remind myself how dangerous and sick even consuming small amounts of gluten can be on my body. I also have colitis disease so i really need to be super careful as one condition offsets the other.

I didn't find Christmas as hard as i have found this Easter, either way i need to get myself back to GF eating.

To be honest I don't find Gluten Free that difficult as there are so many products on the market and so many foods are naturally gluten free. I am taking this as a blip into the life of gluten free. I'm off to enjoy some pakoras/onion bhajis.

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely bank holiday weekend and had a lovely Easter.


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