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Hope you are all doing well in this brrrrr cold weather, I do love the cold.

So I always get caught out in the Free From Supermarket freezer section. I popped into a local supermarket as I wanted to grab some GF emergency foods. I opened the freezer section and went straight to the clearly marked GF products, in the middle of the section were all these NEW products. In my excitement I started loading up my trolley with all these fabulous NEW products.

With a big smile on my face and trolley full with goodies I started taking the items out for the cashier. Then something clicked as I took a pie out, it said MEAT FREE. I couldn't see the GLUTEN FREE label.


The freezer section said FREE FROM not GLUTEN FREE. All the new products i picked up were free from everything else minus gluten.

Remember guys: KEEP reading the packaging, get into a habit of reading!!!

Mistakes do happen even after being GF for ages.

Thanks for reading all


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