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Gluten Free Chapati Atta

Hi All,

How ia everyone coping in lockdown?

I must say that we have been extremely busy with orders whilst trying to stay safe on the front line. As a key worker with a family its definitely scary, however the thought of helping everyone out with gluten free essentials keeps us going.

As you probably know we have been banging on about our GF chapati atta for ages. Why produce a chappati flour?

My main food staple in my diet are Chapatis. When i was diagnosed with Coeliac disease i was devastated thinking what the hell am i going to eat as chappati flour traditionally is whole wheat.

Anyway, I couldn't get my hands on any, I started to mix so many things to try and make the perfect blend. After a couple of years I managed to create the perfect blend. I never thought of releasing my blend but I have been asked by so many people through my social media and word of mouth to supply them.

After working with my local council and trading standards i got signed off.

I started off small just to friends and family however the demand grew. I finally thought I would blend a large batch and see how it goes through MFFK.

We have some currry recipes on our recipe page. We would love to hear and have some of your recipes 2 and pics, loads of pics.

We hope you all enjoy it



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