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Gluten Free fun with my boy

Hi all,

Hope you are all enjoying the cold yet sunny day today.

I know my blog is 1 day early but i just thought these were so cute not to share. My son is in private nursery so he doesnt have a half term but on the days he does half days he loves bake.

This is so quick and easy and everyone can enjoy it. I literally used Doves Farm Cereal Flakes some melted GF chocolate and some mini eggs. I melted the butter and chocolate together and then gave all the ingredients to my son to mix and just have fun with. We accidently tipped too much cereal flakes in to the ratio of chocolate but never mind.

I am going to try making easter nests with our Doves Farm Chocolate stars, something a bit different and unusal. Plus the chocolate stars are generally really tasty.

Kids love to explore, have messy play, make mess, learn through different sensory, just have fun with it all.

You can easily make this Dairy Free alongside Gluten Free. Both Doves Farm cereal is Gluten Free, Milk Free and Vegan Friendly. Just use your Dairy Free Chocolate and butter. The Mini eggs are NOT dairy free so please use an alternative.

Here is our finished nests, Ta- dah

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