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Gluten free menu but NOT Coeliac safe

Hi all, hope everyone is well this Thursday cold morning.

I keep forgetting to tell you all about this.

So it was my husband's birthday and 5 days later it was my dads birthday. After Christmas and all the presents my mum thought as a birthday gift we can all go to a top Indian restaurant in London. My mum had been there on numerous occasions before and asked if they had Gluten Free menu to which they said YES.

So excitedly we got ready, got the 3 year old ready who hates restaurants and having to conform to sit down.

Once we were seated and given the menu I walked over to our designated waiter to inform them that I have Coeliac disease. The menu clearly had labelled GF, VG etc options with the key at the bottom.

I was then a little...let's say... ... shocked... another waiter said she has a allergy menu, she then snatched my menu and gave me an additional one with JUST ingredients. Now the point here is that I didn't know what dish I wanted as there was no description, all I had was the name of dishes and a table with ticks.

So moving on I selected what I wanted for starters excitedly and also for my main, I had come already prepared with my gluten free Bfree pitta bread. I ordered my starters and made clear again that the menu stated GF and how I cannot consume gluten. THANK GOD the waiter had some kind of idea and told me that the GF dish had a fried element that was cooked in a mixed fryer, so it wasn't Coeliac safe.

Now had this gentleman had not of told me, I would have been sick!

How would I have known that the dish had a fried element as the original menu with the description was snatched away from my hands.

Lesson learnt, Gluten Free does not mean Coeliac safe!

Anyway after that headache I was already just MEH deflated. I ordered some other stuff and my mains. The rest of the meal was actually really nice and I enjoyed everything.

QUESTION: Should a Gluten Free Menu or an establishment stating they have Gluten Free be Coeliac Safe?

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