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Glutened - shall i go the whole way?!

Hi all,

Sorry this is a few days late, its been a manic few days.

I am a regular on coeliac support groups and seen a regular question, 'I have been glutened, shall I just eat a favourite gluten snack now its happened?!

I have been glutened a few times and I always think the same thing - have i done it, well yes once.

My husbands and my dinner got mixed up and I ended up eating and entire gluten meal. When I noticed I had a sickening feeling in my stomach as to whats to come. I was so angry and upset at the same time. On my kitchen counter were Thorntons caramel shortbread bread bites, I had been sniffing them for days as my son loves them.

I then, in my rage of emotion ate ONE :-o I thought I'm

screwed now anyway why not. Did i get any pleasure out of it, YES!!! was I sick like a dog over the next few days YES!!!

I haven't done it again though. I think its always best to remember the damage that is caused inside is extreme.

I suppose we will all do it once in our gluten free life.



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