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IFE Trade show- in search of new products

Hi all,

Exciting news for you all, MFFK just attended its first trade show - hooray!!! IFE- International Food Exhibition and was it packed with 100's of companies who are branching out to the FREE FROM range - yes!

I have almost lost my voice with the amount of talking and have most certainly smashed out the steps on my fitbit.

Why am i doing it?!

I am simply annoyed of having to go to 3-4 major supermarkets to get the items of my choice. Pasta from here, flour from there and cookies from god knows where all at a high cost.

IFE was fantastic, it was more than I anticipated. So many brands are branching out gluten free and dairy free, they are amending packaging to represent this - this is so exciting especially as I am Coeliac. The best bit - prices remain affordable and competitive.

My Free From Kitchen will always strive to ensure we have great affordable products available to you all.

Back to IFE - so i have met with loads of vendors that I am excited to progress further with so you all get the chance to have a variety of products.

Check out the photos to see some new flavours and products that i am to taste test.

I better get on with the eating so I can report back to you all.

oh and please follow me #myfreefromkitchen

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