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It's all in your head

Hey everyone, hope everyone is well on this cold Thursday morning. I have struggled a bit this week with what to write in my blog, usually I have so many daily experiences I don't know which one I should choose.

Struggling with a blog idea I took a trip down memory lane to when I was first diagnosed.

I had been diagnosed for a while and I was pretty much used to everyone's advice, information and whatsapp links about Coeliac Disease. Most my family and friends understood to an extent but more importantly they supported me.

During a family get together I had one individual who had the audacity to say to me that there was nothing wrong with me and it was all in my head. As if I don't want to scoff my face with doughnuts whilst holding a KFC chicken drumstick in my hand with a Wagamamas Chicken Katsu curry in front of me BUT no this disease was purely a manifestation of my own mind. Was this person implying that I was attention seeking or something?! I don't get it. In that moment I could see myself in my mind diving over to him and screaming lol. Of course it was a family gathering and that wasn't going to happen.

This man was relentless and would just keep on at it, he probably just doesn't like me. I got annoyed after a while at all the digs. I kindly asked this individual if he was referring to my Coeliac disease or my colitis which had been scientifically diagnosed with a gastroenterologist specialist and biopsies tested by a lab specialist. He said he was talking about both, that it was in my head and that I should eat gluten. OMG I started to imagine I was now leaping over the table ... I won't go into the rest but it involved a lot of foul language and violence.

I composed myself again and decided to go down the educational route and explain, Coeliac for dummies kind of explanation. MY GOD, this man rather than accepting or just listen to what I was saying was trying to debate it with me. Seriously like WTF.

At this point I was just dumbfounded by this persons ignorance, not wanting to learn firsthand and sticking by some self concocted idea that it was in my head. At this point rather than going black and blue and losing my temper I just had to leave it. I had to tell him that I can't help educate or teach something new to a person who lacks basic understanding.

I left feeling annoyed and then ranting to my husband who just laughed it off and said what an idiot. lol.

He was right, what an idiot.



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