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Mac D's

Hi All,

Hope you are all well this Monday. So today has been a busy Monday as per normal that lunch was a tight squeeze. So whilst out I decided to go for a Mcdonalds, this is my second ever big Mac.

The first time I had it I was a sooooo excited that I had the opportunity to be able to take my own GF bun and have a Big Mac. I enjoyed it the first time but felt so sluggish and tired after. I thought let's give it a try again. This time I ate it slowly and tasted each and every bite, to my disappointment I didn't even like it. It didn't taste the same as I remembered or imagined, I think my brain had manifested it to be this amazing meal. Again after eating it again I feel sluggish and lazy again. I don't even feel satisfied or full, I feel just urghhhhhh!!!

I very much doubt I will be going back again. After going GF all my meals are freshly prepared and have so much flavour and taste. The added bonus is that after lunch I feel energised and not floppy, sloppy and sluggish. Am I upset that I wont be going back again - hell NO!!!

Take care all


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