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MFFK attends Natural & Organic show London

MFFK attends another show to keep up to date with new products for you all :-)

I decided this time to drive as last time I used the underground and had way too many bags to carry back, so this time I equipped with boot space. My husband will tell you that i have no sense of direction, even with the help of a satnav. I started my journey driving through London, I made one wrong turn and ended up on a tour of London. I saw Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum, House of Parliament the London eye and many more lol.

After my site seeing journey i finally made it- yeaaaa!!!

When i was diagnosed Coeliac there wasn't really much variety in the Free From aisles- it is now growing which is great to see. A majority of the companies at the exhibition were gluten free with a growing dairy free product range. The main difference I am finding is that the brands at the shows are working on healthier low sugar versions of their products in comparison to the supermarket owns that are loaded with sugar, salts and very low nutritional values.

MFFK has got so many samples of new flavours and products that we hope you guys will enjoy once they have been taste tested. In fact we have so many products that we have decided that if anyone uses the code BlogShow2019, we will add in a product from the show free of charge for you to sample.


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