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Midnight snack

Hi all,

So last night I had an amazing homecooked lasagne that I made myself, it was totally on point. After this I chilled out and all these fast food adverts kept flashing out at me, eventually the cravings got worse so I decided to go to bed. Whilst in bed all I could think about repeatidly were burgers, chippy chips, hotdogs, fried chicken etc.

Whilst being a coeliac there is no way in hell that any of these places can cater for us. So what do we do?

NOTHING, nothing we can do but just imagine and remember the days where you couldnt finish that burger and threw it in the bin when you should have finished it.

I dont normally feel this way but yesterday was the first time I experienced wanting to scoff my face. This continued throughout the entire night, there was nothing else I wanted then a cheeseburger and chip with some fried chicken.

At some point I managed to fall asleep and woke up with mild cravings but I got through it.

I guess the ups and downs can really hit you at any stage.

Take care all, if you have any craving tips please comment

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