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Momma try this

Hi All,

Hope you are all well this freezing cold Wednesday morning.

Who else is the only Gluten Free one in the family?

I am the only one diagnosed with coeliac disease in my family, when I say family I am including aunts, uncles, cousins on both paternal and maternal side.

The most difficult bit is with my 3 year old son. I have always cooked my son fresh food so when I was diagnosed I would often forget and try his food whilst cooking and then when feeding him. For example when I would cook pasta I was so used to taking a piece from the pot to see if it was cooked, when feeding him I would eat some to see if it was the right temperature. These automatic things are what I found really difficult and it honestly took time not to do it. I still find it difficult at times not to lick my finger when I have handled his food, ok don't say urghhh you licked your finger, its more when like a glutened ice cream melts down. All these automatic actions are what would easily cause me to potentially get glutened, not cross contamination or label reading but this.

Now I am 99.9% very very good at this. The hard challenging bit now is when my son is eating something and wants me to try it. He honestly just wants to share his delicious snacks and food with me, even when I say no he says 'momma I am sharing with you, it's very tasty' he then proceeds to shove it in my mouth lol. I then have to quickly stop and ask him to put it in my hands, he then watches with a huge smile on his face in anticipation of me eating it and asking how it was. I then go on to pretend that I have eaten it and it was so nice. However he is now starting to notice that I haven't eaten it and it's in my hand. I then have to try again lol.

So you are probably saying that I should just make everything GF, to be honest I don't want to. it takes some adjusting yes BUT it's only me who is GF so I don't want to make everyone change. Also gluten free isn't the cheapest option nor is it healthy. My son needs all the benefits of gluten and the complex carbs for energy. He likes the taste of Kitkats, Mikado sticks, normal muffins, crisp and cookies, why should I take it from him unnecessarily.

Everyone has their own way of running their household when it comes to GF. Are you the only GF one in the family like me, I would love to know if you have a GF kitchen or is it mixed like mine?

Have a lovely day



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