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OH C**P, I have been glutened!!!

Goodmorning all.

So I have been Gluten Free since my Coeliac diagnosis last year May. I am always very careful when it comes to eating to avoid getting glutened. Another thing you should know is that I am very good at reading ingredients and will NEVER have anything that could be made in a factory that handles wheat.

Saying all this, I was standing in the kitchen and my toddler wanted a snack. I gave him his snack and it looked great so I started reading the packet, to my delight it had NO gluten (the product never claimed to be GF). I decided to eat like I haven't eaten in my life lol, it has been a year since I tasted such goodness.

I felt fine 2-3 hours later, still fine 5 hours later and THEN... .... then came the gas (sorry). I have only been glutened once since my diagnosis. The gas then increased in volume and definitely in the odour department (it was horrific). I started to worry thinking have I relapsed in my Colitis condition, its really hard to differentiate between the two.

All of a sudden I thought let me check the snack packet and there it was... .... I missed the tiny print on the side of the packet that stated the product is made in a factory that handles wheat.


My symptoms so far are:

  • Stinky ass farts that make you want to pass out

  • The shits, not solid at all

  • Body Aches, I feel as though I have been hit by a car

  • Fatigue, I just want to sleep

  • Mouth Ulcers, my entire mouth is full of these

So I am hoping this all passes quickly. In the meantime its a hot water bottle and trying to get through the morning, then the afternoon and then the evening. One step at a time.

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