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Please put on charge

Hi all,

So do you have one of those days where you have had a good 9 hours night sleep and a nap but still feel sooooo sluggish?

This is my life right now.

I have had my bloods all check and given prescriptions for a multitude of 'lack off's'.

Best way to charge my batteries and the only way is to listen to my body and rest if possible. This isn't always easy with a toddler and sometime can only be done for a short period of time at night or in the toilet lol.

So do you want to know what helps? Great company. Even when I am exhausted to my very core, playing and doing things with my boy really helps. I forget for a moment that I am tired in pain and exhausted as he is so totally hilarious.

Doing things I love to do, this is the best medicine. I love doing everything MFFK related, finding new products at a cost that is low to each of us. Going out to shows to network and negotiate with buyers to give me products that can undercut all the supermarkets as I KNOW how expensive a GF shop is. The best part is the emails and messages from you to say thank you for finding and keeping prices low. I am not very good at putting my testimonials up but this is something I need to do.

See I was feeling really sluggish there and completely forgot as i was doing this blog.

Have a lovely day all



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