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Rainbow Food

Hi everyone,

Last week I attended a cancer seminar courtesy of Penny Brohn UK charity. The seminar was absolutely amazing and the delivery was excellent. After learning about cancer, what and how, relaxation methods, meditation and nutrition I was just so inspired to change my lifestyle. The speaker made 2 points that really have stuck in my head and I will be definitely making this change to my diet.

The first point - Rainbow food, what could this mean?! Well its so simple, all our meals should have the colour of the rainbow included so we are getting vitamins, nutrition and healthy well balanced meals daily.

Not hard eh!

Second point - Eat foods that are the closest to what nature intended. This one is also simple, eat foods the way nature made them, a whole apple apposed to a juicer (if you only use a juicer that is fine). Eat foods as a whole, these aid digestion and each element of the whole food your consuming has benefits as a whole.


I hope you enjoyed this post


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