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Shhhhh it's a secret...

Hi all, Hope everyone is okay on this freezing cold Wednesday morning.

For those that have been following my social media pages from the early days of MFFK you would have probably noticed that the last few weeks I have been relatively quiet. So I think this is the perfect time to let you know our little secret. I always showcase on social media my daily meals and snacks, majority of the time its chapatti. I have been asked so many times what flour I use and I have never told anyone as it's a special blend.

After months and months of hard work, working alongside trading standards, Health and Safety officers I can now proudly announce that we officially developed our own chapatti flour. This is a huge accomplishment for MFFK, alongside getting out orders, marketing, 3 year old and the usual we have formulated the perfect recipe.

We are so excited as the chapatti flour is very easy to use, its light, fluffy and tastes phenomenal, you simply just add hot water. It will be available to buy in a couple of weeks time, reason is that I am going on a well deserved holiday break. Its been a very difficult year and hardworking year, I haven't had a holiday in 2 years and I really need one now.

So I am hopefully off to Morocco next week and will document how I get on all-inclusive with GF and cross contamination. This will be my first holiday away with coeliac and colitis disease so to be honest I am anxious. The other issue is this blimin' coronavirus, with 2 autoimmune diseases who knows what it will be like. Taking on board our prime ministers advice from his speech this morning, we should continue as much as normal.

If you haven't please follow us on Facebook and Instagram as I will try and do loads of Lives regarding the food etc.

Get ready for our very own chapatti flour mix, coming very soon.

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Speak to you all next week



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