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Social eating and Coeliac

So as I am diagnosed with coeliac disease and colitis disease it can be difficult to figure out what to eat.

I find social eating at restaurants not so bad as most places cater for GF. My friends and family are amazing and always go out of their way to research and suggest GF coeliac accredited restaurants, bars and places where I can eat.

I have read on social media how people always feel like the burden when going out, in all honestly I haven't. My friends and family ALWAYS prepare things that are GF for me and have taken the time out to understand what and how cross contamination can occur, for this I am grateful. I have also found that they get super excited when they now notice GF items in shops or newly added dishes in restaurants. I am always getting messages from them with images - keep it up guys!

In particular my cousin kept seeing GF everywhere when she learnt that I was diagnosed. She cannot wait for me to come over to have Fish and Chips at her local chippy on the GF day J


The only thing I struggle with is parties and weddings - this requires preparation prior to attending. I have been to only 2 parties since I was diagnosed that included dinner. I am not going to lie, even though they say it is GF I just cant fully trust it. The first few mouthfuls are met with anxious sweat on my forehead accompanied by a stomach ache from the worry lol. After a few drinks it turns into sod it - but it's not just sod it for us Coeliacs . Sod it can turn into weeks of immense stomach issues, unable to move, fatigue that comes with fatigue and literally spending your days on the toilet.

So I always take my own food to most places unless I am 100% comfortable with eating there. I have to say my friends and family are really supportive with this as I am still not even 1 year in. Perhaps when my confidence grows I will be more comfortable with eating and more places.


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