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To eat or not to eat?

Hi all,

Let's get stuck into this one.

So a few weeks back my mum came back with some supermarket branded cereal that she had scanned in with the CoeliacUK App and came up with a smiley face. I looked at the back of the cereal and no allergy advice was listed however in the ingredients it stated Barley. As a coeliac I always follow BROWS;






When I was first diagnosed I couldn't seem to remember exactly what I could and couldn't eat, this really helped me.

Back to the story, if foods contain less than 20ppm then it is deemed safe for coeliacs by UK law. I double checked the ingredients and scanned it with my app. My mum said she had seen in a support group that coeliacs had been eating this cereal and were fine. After all my check I decided to give it a try. Initially I was fine however over the next few days I had a bit of a slight tummy ache, could this have been from the cereal that is deemed fit by UK law and CoeliacUK? Do I have a separate Barley allergy? Did I just over think it and gave myself a funny tummy through anxiety and fear?

I am very careful with what I eat and would never eat anything with an allergy advice as it is not worth the damage to my body.

Would you and do you eat foods that contain gluten under 20ppm?

Gluten free

Only foods that contain 20 parts per million (ppm) or less can be labelled as 'gluten free'.

This may apply to specialist gluten free products like breads, flours and crackers, including foods that contain gluten free (Codex) wheat starch, as well as processed foods which are made from naturally gluten free ingredients like soups, ready meals and snacks. The ‘gluten free’ label may also be used for uncontaminated oat products.

Research shows that this tiny amount of gluten is not toxic to people with coeliac disease and they can eat unlimited amounts of products with gluten at a level of 20 ppm or less.


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