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Vegan take over?

Hi all, how you all doing on this foggy cold morning?

I actually like this cold weather if I'm honest with you, don't judge me, I find the heat very uncomfortable. My summer posts will most likely begin with ' I'm sweating my ass off' lol.

So I have noticed the huge take over in the Free From aisles and freezers for vegan food. I have seen some of the Free From sections be taken over by Vegan, so why not make a separate Vegan aisle in supermarkets? I have seen many rant posts by fellow GF individuals about how their local stores have minimised GF and extended vegan.

Firstly, MFFK have not reduced our GF range in fact we are always adding more products. We have a separate section for fellow GF Vegans so that we are all included on this same journey together.

Now why have supermarkets done this? it's simple, supply and demand. Market trends are clearly indicating that there is a huge demand for Vegan foods and the supermarkets are making way for this. Yes this means that our Free From sections for GF is reducing but vegan is where the money is for the corporate companies. The same goes for the freezer sections.

What does Free From mean, does it mean solely Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Wheat Free? Nut Free? Meat Free? NO, it means free from any of the above and more.

Is it unfair for people like me who suffer from Coeliac Disease or any other intolerances that are not a lifestyle choice? Yes

I do feel that we did not choose to have issues with certain foods yet we get the reducing aisles whilst lifestyle choices continue to grow.

However these big supermarkets are not the only places to buy your Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Free From Foods from. Other companies do exist that have the same affordable prices if not cheaper.

MFFK was founded to help everyone who needs access to GF foods.

We understand the struggles of areas that do not readily have access to these stores hence why we deliver nationwide so everyone can have the ease of GF foods. MFFK can only continue to grow and run with our existing customers and new customers. If our customers do not exist then neither does MFFK which means that specialist stores like MFFK will cease to exist.

Happy reading all


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