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Welcome to my blog- My biggest Gluten Free frustration.

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Welcome to my blog, this is my first ever blog and post woo-hooooo!

As you may know i am a Coeliac and Colitis sufferer 2018. My frustration took me on a journey to create My Free From Kitchen.

I will be keeping you update with a weekly diary and a fornight of top tips.

I wanted to begin with my biggest frustration, more so than having Coeliac and Colitis disease - PEOPLE!!!

Yes people!!! When i got diagnosed so many people were quick to give advice without even knowing what the two conditions actually were. I had lost weight, my body was in severe malnutrition, both my large and small intestine were damaged severly. I was told that my recovery would easily take up to 1 year. I am 10 months in and i have to agree that recovery is very slow but you do get there, i still have ups and downs but just remember to take it easy.

So i even get these comments:

I use my illness as an excuse

I could do more

I should do more

People always get sick but get on with it

I am lazy

I should just get up and go for a walk and i will feel better

It is in my head - (I didnt know me going for a poo 8-15 times a day is in my head hmmm)

These are some of the reasons why PEOPLE were/are more annoying than the disease lol

So guys and girls - if you need to vent i am here to listen.

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